Si Wu Tang (四物湯)

English name:   Si Wu Tang 中文名    四物湯   Function: improve Liver Meridian raising function, improve Heart and Liver Blood (in TCM terms), improve blood circulation and sanguification 功能  助厥陰升舉, 補心肝血, 增強血液循環和代謝       Indication:  Blood loss or blood deficiency, fever, headache, dizziness, fainting, pale face, irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, menstrual cramp, pain due to injury, female infertility, uterine bleeding, abdominal pain during pregnancy, intestinal or anal bleeding, postpartum blood clots or bleeding, skin problems. 症狀 失血或血虛, 低燒, 頭痛, 頭暈眼花, 面色晃白, 月經不調, 腹痛, 經痛, 跌打疼痛, 不孕, 子宮出血,娠妊腹痛, 大腸或肛門出血, 產後惡露不盡, 皮膚問題.     Ingredients( 組成 ) Angelica(Radix Angelicae sinensis, Dang Gui, 當歸) Cooked Rehmannia(Radix Rehmanniae preparata, Shu Di Huang, 熟地黃) Peony(Radix Paeoniae alba, Bai Shao Yao, 白芍藥) Ligusticum(Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Chuan Xiong, 川芎)   Note:
  1. Works better   without eat/drink cold stuff  .
  2. Works better   with happy mood and regular sleeping habit (sleep early, get up early)  .
備註 :
  1. 用藥期間勿食冷 / 飲冷
  2. 用藥期間飲食盡量保持心情愉快 作息正常 ( 早睡早起 )

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