Gui Zhi Tang (桂枝湯)

English name:  Gui Zhi Tang 中文名 :   桂枝湯   Function: raise yang (active energy), harmonize energy, improve energy of Stomach & Spleen Meridian. 功能 : 升散發表 , 調和營衛 補陽明太陰經氣   Indication: Wind-cold with weak constitutions, chills, fever, abnormal perspiration, palpitations, headache, vomiting, stuffy nose, stiff neck, body aches, and a floating/deficient pulse. 症狀 : 外感風寒 ( 虛者尤宜 ),  畏寒 發熱 排汗異常 心悸胸悶 頭痛 乾嘔 鼻塞 肩頸僵痛 體痛 脈浮 /   Ingredients( 組成 ): Cinnamon Bark (Ramulus Cinnamomi, Gui Zhi,  桂枝 ) Peony (Radix Paeoniae alba, Bai Shao Yao,  白芍藥 ) Baked Licorice (Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata, Zhi Gan Cao,  炙甘草 ) Fresh Ginger (Rhizoma Zingiberis recens, Sheng Jiang,  生薑 ) Jujube (Fructus Jujubae, Da Zao,  大棗 )     Note:
  1. Works better  without eat/drink cold stuff .
  2. Works better  with light,heated diet .
  3. For Wind-cold: Works better to  wear warm  and  sweat a bit  after taking herb.
備註 :
  1. 用藥期間勿食冷 / 飲冷
  2. 用藥期間飲食盡量以好消化 熱食為主 少油膩
  3. 外感病人 用藥後穿暖 喝熱水或熱粥 讓身體稍微出汗有助藥效

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