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Welcome to Acupuncture Orange!

Acupuncture Orange is a Clinic based in Orange County that hopes to educate the public of various traditional medicine knowledge and how it can treat the common diseases. This is a guide to our website and our clinic, and it will lead you to useful information you may want  to know about acupuncture and our services. To be sensitive on your time, the  *red ones are the items we think you would be very interested to look at.     1.  WHAT PROBLEM CAN ACUPUNCTURE HELP WITH?     If you're still not sure after reading through the link, feel free to E-mail us for any questions you would have.     2. IS ACUPUNCTURE SAFE? WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE RISKS OR SIDE EFFECTS?    As you can see in the post, licensed acupuncturists are trained professionals, we know what we're doing, and  if we both play our rolls correctly, risks will be under control.   3. For people who are new to acupuncture, you may still feel strange about it. Why not take a look at this  ACUPUNCTURE DEMO (Video) and understand it a bit more?   At this point, you may want to find out more about me and know who's going to do acupuncture , as well as make sure the acupuncturist does have a valid California acupuncture license and clean record. You can also take a look of our clinic.     Now, hopefully you have decided to give it a try! You can always see our Schedule , Services , Make Appointment , Clinic Location, Contact Us page up there.       * We send all receipt, appointment time, reminder, and cancellation links to your EMAIL. so it is very important that  you give us the right one! After making an appointment, there are a few other things you will want to know before you come for acupuncture: *1. You want to make sure you can tell us what's going on . *2. You want to know what to wear . *3. You Want to make sure you'll be on time ( 10 min. earlier for new patients.) *4. We prefer Cash, Credit Card accepted, we also accept Insurance. *5. We really hope our patients could take herbs if suggested by the acupuncturist, it helps to get better result in most cases, and we're generally just selling the herbs at cost. Taking a look here would give you a better idea of what's those herbs for.       – ORANGE ACUPUNCTURE, WINSTON WANG

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