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Why so many people are making their acupuncturist their second family doctor?

Acupuncture is able to take care variety of problems:

Whether you’re having a shoulder pain from work, a back pain from gardening, a cold from your co-worker, or bothered by insomnia, seasonal allergy, headache, irregular menstruation or menopausal syndrome .

Acupuncture is able to help.


Acupuncture Health Care Program

Acupuncture Health care program is designed for people without insurance coverage for acupuncture. By joining this program, the fee of each of your acupuncture visit will be similar to your insurance copay for a professional office visit.




$60 for 3 months membership.

$120 for 6 months membership.

$240 for 12 months membership.


Acupuncture visit:

Free initial consultation

- To understand how we can help you, and how an acupuncture visit will be

Each Acupuncture visit for only $30 (Regular price: $60)

- Including diagnosis, acupuncture, and infrared treatment

- Also include cupping and heat pad treatment if needed

- Appointment required, usually each visit takes 60-90 minutes

- Herbs will be charged separately, gift card accepted


* Payments CANNOT be refunded.

** This program CANNOT be shared between different individual.









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